If you are looking for game improvement, this is the place. Lessons are available all year long. Whether you are a brand golflessonnew golfer or one that may need a little refresher, we are here for you 7 days a week.

We offer private, semi-private, and group lessons. We also offer clinics for the beginner golfer, as well as the intermediate one.

For the Junior golfer, we offer group and individual lessons and clinics Spring thru Fall. These clinics will teach the grip, the swing (back swing, downswing, follow through), putting, chipping, and some practice drills to get you on your way.

Our short game clinic will teach you putting, chipping, spin, sand play, grip pressure, different types of shots, and lies in the sand.

Please review our Lesson Information details below.

Private & Semi-Private Golf Lessons 

$60.00  1/2hr private - $110.00 1hr private
$35.00 pp 1/2hr semi private 

All Private or Semi-Private lessons given at Whirlaway are intended to be informative, clear, workable solutions to each individual's problems with his or her golf swing. Objective: To improve the quality of golf shots and ultimately lower scores.

Brush-Up 3

$170.00 3 - 1/2 hr private lessons 
$100.00 pp semi private

Brush-Up 3 is a mini-package designed for the student to be taught certain swing principles on the first lesson, and then through practice, continue to more advanced techniques for more consistency.

Series 6 Lesson Package
$330.00 6 - 1/2 private lessons
Series 6 Semi Private
$195.00 pp

Series 6 covers all that is taught in the Brush-Up package, but gets into the theories and teaching of ball flight and trajectory and teaching parts of the short game.

Group  Lesson - 3 People - 45 minutes (3@$35.00 each)  $105.00
Group Lesson  - 4 People - 1 hour (4@$35.00 each)  $140.00


Beginner's Clinic (Limit 4-6 people)
Cost per person $150 - (4) 1 hour lessons
4 to 6 person class size - bring your friends and set up your own class 

Designed to give any individual, four (4) - one (1) hour lessons, containing an abundance of information, so the student will be inspired and motivated to practice and learn as all professionals did ... by trial and error and swing repitition. There will be lots of work on basics, grip-stance-posture and alignment, with some classroom on etiquette, rules and regulations.

For those that have taken the beginners clinic and  also for those that want to advance from the beginner to the advanced level.  Call for availability